There is a new way of understanding the leisure on board

ONdROAD unlimited possibilities

ONdROAD is able to integrate current and future services and technologies. It is an open platform oriented to the traveler satisfaction and to the profit of the transportation company.

On your Own Device
Tablets, Smartphones,…
Integrated with your corporate APP,
Travelers loyalty programs and travel clubs
Unified leisure on board


Own and third-party selling
Product catalogues
Shopping on board
Online payment
Premium and Pre-Paid Services

Common and Rear Seat Screens

Entertaiment and Advertising through the common screens
New version for tactile rear seat screens
Scheduling by geoposition and route
Welcome on board, advertising, campaigns, sponsorship

Advertising Space

Marketing campaings management
Personalized for each traveller
Travellers market segmentation
Analysis and control of Effectiveness
Fast ROI

Plug & Play

Regular version: Easy to install with minimized times without service or…
ONdROAD version without installation needs (itinerant version): Ideal for switching among own or outsourced vehicles


Internet of Things:
Cameras & Security on board
Ignition control and authorization
Driving analysis
Legal records
CANBUS data gathering


Tracking and Follow up
Constant Monitoring
Contents Review and Usage
Advertising Impact
Service remote configuration

Remote Content Management

Without displacements nor stops
Scheduling by vehicle/line/fleet
Remote ingest and distribution
Permanent refresh of contents


Movies, series, documentaries
eBooks, magazines, press

Tourism AND Culture

Exclusive contents
Route Guide
Destination Guide
Offline Contents
Social Tourism

Approved and Certified

Compliance with standards and certifications
Digital content broadcasting license
DRM management
For rail, aviation, automotive and marine environments

WIFI onboard

WIFI for travellers
Captive Portal
Comms management
Parental Control
Data Traffic Management


ONdROAD is a registered technological platform and trademark owned by gPastor Estrategia y Tecnologia.
A Complete Solution Focused on the Travelers

ONdROAD technology is "Made in Spain" , with support, maintenance and development from our headquarters in Madrid. Without intermediaries or remote third parties that imply undesired dependencies or time penalties to incidents and problems.
We offer direct contact across the EU and through our partners network we are also present in markets such as LATAM, USA, Canada, Australia and Middle East.
In a changing market, if something sets us apart is our constant technological surveillance to remain us at the forefront. Also our difference is settled in the implementation of Open Innovation processes, where our customers, travelers and partners get involved in the definition of what ONdROAD will be in the near future.
We are very proud to be an industry-leading platform , with one of the largest fleets of BYOD-entertainment systems around the world, and we posess global broadcasting license, approved by more than 400 international producers.


    ONdROAD is more than a simple streaming or VOD platform. ONdROAD is a marketing and egagement tool to improve the traveler's experience.


    ONdROAD is based on an "open" approach. Any corporate system can be integrated with ONdROAD in order to offer the best traveler's service

  • Innovative and Challenging

    Behind ONdROAD there is a compromised team with the project and with our customers which deals with an exigent roadmap to evolve the system with current and future innovations and technologies

  • Certified and Approved

    The first ones to obtain the licenses to stream digital contents on board, from the main producers. We possess all the needed certifications to work in environments like train, automotive, maritime and aviation.